Vera Pizza Napoletana Olympic Games

The Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana, AVPN, turns 35 and for this occasion musters the pizza chefs from all over the world for the AVPN Olympic Games, an intercontinental challenge in the name of tradition and passion!
The event, dedicated to the enhancement and protection of the excellence of Made in Italy gastronomic, pizza, will be held during the AVPN international convention, from 8th to 10th July in Naples, at the Capodimonte headquarters.


The AVPN affiliate pizzerias and chefs from four countries will contend for the ‘Olympic medals, both individually and by countries, , of four continents, in a world competition that will be divided into five disciplines: "Vera Pizza napoletana" "Gourmet", passing through the "Gluten free", "Pizza fritta" up to the "Mastunicola".

Le olimpiadi della vera pizza napoletana - gimetal

En route to the Olympics

Not only the AVPN members will contend the olympic medallions in Naples, but also the under 35 not affiliated, to whom it will be reserved a special category. For them the olympic tour has already opened, it will touch many European and extra European Countries.
The selections have already taken place in Brazil, Spain, USA East Coast; then in May and June it will be the turn of Italy (3 different stops), Japan, Holland, Poland, finishing with Australia and USA West Coast.
Each of these appointments will have 3 winners who will access the Olympics in Naples.

Selezioni Brasile Olimpiadi della pizza

Gi.Metal will have the pleasure to host the challengers under 35 in occasion of the Center Italy preliminary on the 25th June at the Palapizza, the special pizzeria set up insiede the plant.
Gi.Metal will then wait for you in Naples from 8 to 10 July as Bronze partner of the Vera Pizza Napoletana Olympic Games, side by side with the pizza chefs with all our professional blue handled tools.

During the final challenge, there will be moments of confrontation and deepening, tastings, workshops and seminar as enhancened in collaboration with Unesco for the enhancement of the art of the art of the Neapolitan “Pizzaioulo”.
Ready for the challenge? Join us now


Le olimpiadi della vera pizza napoletana