Pizza Delivery. The answer is Gi.Metal

Eating a pizza with the family, sitting on the sofa in front of the TV, has always been a pleasant moment, and it can continue to be so even today that it is not possible to choose tasting your favorite pizza in a pizzeria.

Home delivery is a trend that never stops but at the same time, that requires the right organization and equipment to be effective and satisfy the customer.

Is your pizzeria already well organized to offer the right food delivery service?

Gi.Metal, who has worked at side of pizza chefs for over 30 years to facilitate their work, has an answer to this too.

In addition to a well-known very wide range of pizza peels and accessories for the preparation and management of pizza, Gi.Metal is also the answer to home delivery services.

The practical thermal bags (they are ideal for receiving still hot and steaming pizzas at home, and it is also available the size 40x60 cm for pizza in pala). These products represent an ideal solution for pizzerias, because they are easy to transport both by scooter and car, as well like on a bicycle in the case of a backpack thermal bag.


However, the insulated rigid boxes are also surprising, because despite being very practical, light and suitable for any type of motorbike, they ensure high resistance to impact and stress: practically a guarantee for the delivery of perfect pizzas as fresh from the oven!


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