When using any type of pizza oven, it’s fundamental to regularly clean it, to guarantee that it works efficiently, a good duration in time, that the foods cooked inside don’t assume bad odors or tastes and that the cooking itself is developped in perfect safety.

The taste and the quality of your pizza are not only tied up to the ingredients and the type of cooking chosen, but also to the cleaning of your oven. Food residues, flour and ash deposited inside the oven can alter the job even of the most skilled pizza chefs.

The cleaning of your own oven is top important, firewoodm electric or any other type, we won’t say what’s the best way to do it, as any pizza chef has his own method, given from his experience and the type of his oven, but we’d just suggest you what are the best tools ideal to make it easier.

Foto della spazzola in uso


The right tools for the cleaning of the oven

Any professional pizza oven, firewood, electric, gas or combined, needs specific tools for its management and maintenance.
Gi.Metal tools to clean the ovens have manageable handles, easy to use, available in 4 different lengths: 120, 150, 180 and 200 cms. The variety of the handles lengths is pretty important to match to your own type of oven, reaching any point in extreme safety, avoiding any scorching.

Rake and shovel are the fundamental couple to remove the ash and the heaviest deposits from the firewood oven. On the other hand the ember mover and the ember spreader are the fundamental couple to move and distribute the ember on the oven cooking plan.
You need one or more brushes, in brass or natural fiber bristles, to clean the cooking plan of the oven from fires and ash residues.
We recommend the adjustable head brushes to allow you the right inclination to reach all the intercapedinis of any ovens (firewood, round of any different shape).



Foto spazzola in azione

Discover the Gi.Metal tools for the cleaning of the oven


Gi.Metal offers at your disposal a vast assortment of brushes for the cleaning of the professional ovens. The brushes with the blue handle from the Azzurra Line are a best seller among the Gi.Metal products. Exactly like the pizza peels, they have an anodized aluminum handle, all endowed with a back scraper in stainless steel that allows to remove any possible residues left on the oven plan.
The head of these brushes is adjustable to reach any part of the oven and it i salso perfect to clean the round ovens. The brush heads are interchangeable and replaceable, so you can buy just the replacement head when necessary. Starting from this year, all the brushes are available with the handle detached into 2 pieces to reduce the total length. Ideal solution for the pizza chef who travels and for the retailers as well that can save on the shipping charges, reducing the volume.

The brushes from the Azzurra Line are different in the shape and materials of the heads:

Spazzola testa tonda


Spazzola con setole naturali per la pulizia del forno


The brushes from the Alice and Aurora Lines are located in an intermediate band, their heads are available in 2 sizes 20x6cm and 16x5 cm while the handles and in tubular stainless steel with a sliding grip in a high resistent polymer, so that to avoid any risk of scorching, while the brass bristles guarantee a fast and safe cleaning of the oven.


Spazzola per pulire il forno in azione


In case you have a limited budget or you have a residential oven, you could choose the oven cleaning brush from the Amica Line with a very light handle in raw aluminum and a 16x5cm head with brass bristles. The head is adjustable thanks to the upper screw, allowing you to reach any part of your oven.


Spazzola per la pulizia del forno domestico


The Gi.Metal catalog doesn’t stop here, not only cleaning brushes for the ovens but also for the grills and bbqs.


Spazzola per pulizia griglie


The brush with the double bristles has a 1 meter long stainless steel handle and two sides head in two different materials in order to clean the grill from the different residues left on it. The stainless is specific to clean the most difficult dirt while the brass allow to clean the grill from the dirty residues.


The brush for the cleaning of the grill is more manageable. With stainless steel bristles and a short handle in a plastic polymer high resistant to bumps and heat. The head can be replaced.


Spazzola per pulire il forno manico corto



The Gi.Metal brushes are ideal to srape, sweep and clean in safety!

In the next article we’ll go deep into the useful tools to move the wood and the ember inside the oven. #StayTuned, see you!