Oven cleaning: all the news from Gi.Metal

Gi.Metal knows that the cleaning of the oven is essential for every pizza maker who wants to bake pizzas with a delicious and inviting taste.
Because the success of the pizza depends not only on the use of quality ingredients and the skill of the pizza maker, but also on a correct cleaning of the oven.
The cleaning of the wood-fired oven as the cleaning of the electric one is vital and the pizza maker must have at his disposal all the necessary tools to do it properly.

For this reason, at the 41st edition of Host Milano, a lot of new products have been presented regarding the category of tools dedicated to oven cleaning.
Let’s discover all the optimizations and news products from Gi.Metal!

Spazzola per la pulizia del forno Host

The new brush for electric ovens’ cleaning

An interesting news is represented by the introduction of the brush for the cleaning of the electric oven.
A completely new professional brush model, designed with a lowered profile, brass bristles and stainless steel scraper.

What distinguishes it from the other Gi.Metal brushes for the cleaning of the ovens it is its total dimensions in height that measures 6 cm. only. For this reason it is optimal for the cleaning of all electric ovens characterized by low cooking chambers.
In addition to its lowered structure there are as well all the features for a perfect oven cleaning, such as the brass bristles, ideal for a quick and efficient cleaning of the refractory stone from food residues, flour and ashes.

But it is not finished here: a stainless steel scraper is supplied with the brush, that, when mounted, is the ideal partner to remove the most stubborn residues.

la spazzola per la pulizia dei forni elettrici

Union: the new natural fibers bristles

For those who prefer a delicate but effective oven cleaning, without sacrificing durability and safety, Gi.Metal has introduced a new brush with bristles made of precious natural fibers.
The mixture of these fibres is called "UNION" because it is composed by the mix of natural tampico and palmyra fiber. The tampico has an excellent elasticity and resistance, while the palmyra has a high sturdiness. This mix gives life to a versatile and durable product, improved compared to the previous model.

The brush head is adjustable, allowing perfect cleaning even in the most difficult places.


Spazzola per la pulizia del forno in fibre naturali

Brushes of Excellence!

Also the lines of excellence, Carbon and Evolution, will be complete with their own brushes, with brass bristles and scraper supplied, composing a specific kit, perfectly matching all your needs.


For a flawless oven cleaning choose the #GIMetal brushes!