The new line of pizza peels: Evolution!

Gi.Metal, symbol of excellence in the manufacturing of professional pizza tools world for over 30 years, keeps on surprising!

Thanks to the constant listening to the needs of pizza makers and investments in resources and technology, once again we were able to present new products of the highest quality on the market, that represent the most authoritative example of Made in Italy in the reference sector, confirming us as the most beloved partner by professional and non professional pizza makers.

At Host Milano 2019, all the new products 2020 have been revealed exclusively, designing the future of the sector and anticipating the needs of pizza makers. We have only to discover together all our news, starting from what represents our EVOLUTION!

The new line of pizza peels: Evolution!

Evoluzione la nuova pala per pizza di GiMetal

Among the many previews of the 41st edition of Host Milano, the most exclusive and expected was the presentation of the new Evolution line.

With its elegant and sophisticated lines, Evoluzione pizza peel adds to the characteristics of flexibility and lightness, typical of the timeless Azzurra, a new drilling and a particularly refined design. Halfway between the Azzurra peel and the Gold one, Evoluzione is an elegant and sophisticated pizza peel with optimal performance.

Evolution is aimed at all those pizza makers who are looking for the new and who want to tell and stand out, not only for the uniqueness of their creations but also for the tool that supports them every day.

The characteristics of the Evolution

Evoluzione: la nuova pala per pizza di Gi.Metal

The most important innovation of the Evolution pizza peel is represented by a new and exclusive perforation, not only an aesthetic feature but above all technical. The new arrangement of the holes, which have the same shape and size as the holes born from the design of Azzurra, increases the performance in terms of smoothness and discharge of the flour. Thanks to the particular positioning of the holes on oblique lines, you get the discharge of the flour in double direction ensuring an unmatched result.

The peel head is also worked with the special treatment S.H.A ( Special Hard Anodizing) an anodizing in hard oxide that gives maximum performance in terms of resistance to heat, impact and abrasion, smoothness and durability.
Evolution redefines the standards by combining technology and progress to a unique and appealing design, characterized by the unmistakable color avio handle and rivets, which brings together all the tools of the line.

Evolution: a complete line of excellence!

Evolzione: La nuova pala per pizza di Gi.Metal

In pizzerias, the tools of the pizza maker are often placed in points clearly visible to the customer, and for this reason it is important to offer a complete kit, paying attention to details. Besides the pizza peel from the Evolution Line you will find a complete tools range, consisting of the pizza small turning peel and the brush for the oven cleaning.

The small turning pizza peels from the Evolution Line, entirely in stainless steel, takes up the same elegant design, the innovative drilling and the same avio color of the pizza peel, resulting extremely solid and light.
The color avio, conductive thread of the whole range, can be found as well in the professional brush of the Evolution line, with an adjustable head to reach any zone of the oven, brass bristles, stainless steel scraper and anodized aluminium handle.

Discover the complete line and choose the excellence!

Evoluzione: La nuova pala per pizza di Gi.Metal