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The image of a company is signed by its history.

Gi.Metal’s one began in 1986 in the small workshop of a blacksmith in the heart of Tuscany, giving the start to what would become a world leader in a short time. Looking to the future, the company has grown and evolved listening to its customers, proposing new and original solutions.

Design by innovating” is the spirit of the company, strengthened by its growth and implementation within its department dedicated to Research and Development, which has led to the creation of new products of excellence, like the new Evolution pizza peel!
This is why the new 2020 advertising campaign focuses on the path of innovation that has led Gi.Metal to confirm itself as a market leader, for over 30 years.


Gimetal nuova adv 2020


In 1998 Gi.Metal revolutionized the market with the invention of the perforated pizza peel, which became a unique symbol of the company subject to various imitations. Gi.Metal was the first company who designed and manufactured the perforated pizza peel, which allows to discharge the extra flour. This has several advantages as listed below:

  • maximum smoothness
  • lightness
  • absence of smoke in the room
  • no burns on the pizza
  • no more bitter taste of pizza!

Today the perforation by Gi.Metal is renewed and improved with a radically new design, able to provide high performance and optimized, thanks to the discharge of the flour in double direction that ensures even better results.
The new perforation is extended not only to the new line of Evoluzione pizza peels, but to all the excellences by Gi.Metal, that means the pizza peels from the Carbon line and those from the Gold Line!

The history of Gi.Metal is enriched by a continuous growth thanks to the listening to the needs of each pizza maker and the values of quality and passion that guide the business choices.
This is expressed well by “Made with passion” which emphasizes that the work of our team is guided by the Passion, the same employed by pizza makers for the creation of their masterpieces of taste.

The path of Gi.Metal in all these years ihas been characterized by many successes, some of which have become the must-haves in the world of pizza makers such as Azzurra, the timeless pizza peel, protagonist of all Italian pizzerias and more!
A path made of progress and continuous search for perfection, such as the exclusive G.H.A treatment by Gi.Metal for the pizza world that distinguishes the peels from the Gold line as a synonym of excellence, up to the new pizza peel Evolution, maximum expression of design and functionality.

All this is Gi.Metal and is represented in the new advertising campaign that will accompany our idea of Innovation, Revolution and Evolution throughout 2020!

Catalog 2020

The new 2020 catalog, valid from January the 1st 2020, has been previewed at the 41st edition of Host Milano.
The design of the new catalog is enclosed by a glossy cover that represents the same image of the new advertising campaign.
Respecting the aesthetic, sophisticated and elegant line of the last edition, the Gi.Metal catalog is renewed by improving the experience of reading, and introducing a wide range of news and a special section dedicated to the pizza peels “by the meter”.


Cover Catalogo 2020


Highlights in the 2020 catalog are also our social community and the B2B portal, the online store designed specifically for retailers of the sector.


Gimetal portale b2b e social


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