The necessary change that will lead to the birth of new opportunities: an exchange of views with Gi.Metal

The last few months have been a crescendo of unexpected changes, dictated by the Covid19 diffusion: the worsening of the health situation, the closure to the public has become an inevitable consequence.

A decision certainly suffered, but essential to ensure that social security in view of the restart.

This period of forced inactivity ideally projects us towards a future whose contours we do not know well but which we need to interpret quickly, to understand the actions to be taken, to be adapted to the new rules and new needs of customers.

To date, delivery represents the only solution for pizzerias that resist: some have undertaken to strengthen their home delivery service already started, while others have immediately taken steps to implement it.

But what opportunities will this change hold in the future? If until now home delivery was used in large part by a clientele already very accustomed to the many online services and a slice of more "lazy" basic customers, in the future there is an important expansion of the public ready to use it. : the social distancing will not disappear by magic.

In this regard, pizza chefs, we ask you: are you ready to interpret this change by transforming it into a new opportunity, perhaps by optimizing tools and / or services already started and / or not yet active?

The reopening of the pizzerias is a highly anticipated moment but we know with certainty that it will lead to a revision in the management of spaces, starting for example with fewer tables to guarantee safety distances.

This could pose several scenarios before our eyes:

• any extensions of spaces with tensile structures, for those with this availability.

more shifts on the same evening, especially on the weekend.

increased attendance on weekdays - usually quieter - to enjoy a pizza with more relaxation than at the weekend.

Will those who are the first to know how to manage these dynamics in the best way, can they be somehow favored in the recovery, compared to the others?

Hygiene is also a central topic that we will probably have to deal with in the future too. Will the choice to adapt to certain standards in order to guarantee a high level of sanitation both in the kitchen and in the dining room, will it favor those who will take immediate action to adapt to new expectations / needs?

There will be much more stringent rules to be respected but also a different sensitivity of customers who want to feel safe thanks to the attentions of the restaurant

In the management of these aspects, technology will be central, with an app for online orders, for managing bookings in order to optimize the rotation of the tables or deliveries for takeaway or at home but also for the optimization of delivery routes and who knows 'other.

We invite you to send us your ideas, ideas, opinions regarding the topics covered in this article; Gi.Metal has always been at the side of all pizza makers and is pleased to share opinions and food for thought so as to better organize the recovery, and represent a fixed point even in such a delicate moment.

You can contact us in the following ways:

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Let's open a dialogue together and share ideas to start again together and stronger than before!