Do you offer delivery service? You need Redbox!

Gi.Metal CEO Marco D'Annibale, explains the origin of the Redbox project: why it was born, what it is today, and what it is destined to become.

Redbox is the the innovative delivery proposal that guarantees an unmatched quality of the delivered product, just as if it were consumed at the restaurant table, thanks to a patented temperature and humidity control system.

Redbox at Gi.Metal booth of Sigep 2022

We are well aware that what happened in the last few years brought to light how the weak link of the chain in the pizza sector was home delivery.  We have always proposed delivery solutions but, in this sense, Redbox represents an important leap in quality – as Marco D’Annibale, Gi.Metal CEO told us – I’m convinced that this will be the trend in coming years, also because once the customer has seen that it’s possible to receive good pizza at home just like what they eat at the restaurant, it’ll be hard to do without it. Rather it’s likely that they themselves will ask the pizzeria to use this instrument. As of today there is already a strong demand, precisely because pizza makers themselves feel the need for it so that they no longer need to suffer poor delivery experiences, but they can allow delivery to become an important business product to which to dedicate the necessary resources. From the customer’s standpoint, they need to be aware that it’s possible to have good and hot pizza at home, but this service comes with a cost, which the pizzeria performing the delivery has earned.

Degree of heat of the pizza released from Redbox, judged by our visitors in Sigep 2022

Ultimately, it’s a market that needs to grow under these terms but I have no doubt that the trend is unstoppable. This is precisely why we thought of Redbox as part of an ecosystem. I’d say that we are currently at version 1.0, but we’re already studying a whole series of complementary services to offer so as to improve the experience of both pizza makers and customers, for example putting them in direct contact. Let’s just say that we’re at the dawn of a major change”.

Marco D'Annibale, Gi.Metal CEO together with the wife Silvia Lari, during Sigep 2022