"A Casa Mia" pizza as good as the one make by the pizza masters

The news, for lovers of homemade pizza, never end!
Strengthened by its experience in the production of professional tools for making pizza, Gi.Metal responds to the requests of amateur pizza makers, offering a series of new products to make the experience of making pizza at home more satisfying than ever.
From today the home pizza chef can have, with the renewed and expanded Amica range, everything they need to make a wonderful pizza at home, for friends and relatives with an excellent result!

Let's find out in detail the new products from the Amica domestic line, useful in all phases, from preparation, to cooking, up to table service.

Let's start with the stainless steel pastry board for preparing the dough.
Ideal for preparing any type of dough: pizza, bread, pasta, desserts, without dirtying or scratching your kitchen worktop. Its surface, completely smooth, allows the pasta to flow, without sticking just like in professional kitchen tops.
The non-slip mat supplied, positioned between the worktop and the pastry board, makes the instrument firm and immovable. Its angled anti-slip edge makes it perfectly adaptable to any traditional kitchen worktop.


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Let's continue with the Classica pizza peel.
The pizza is rolled out and seasoned: you just have to put it in the oven for cooking!
Forget baking trays, parchment paper or rudimentary wooden cutting boards, now you can put your pizza in the oven and take it out using the same tool that professional pizza makers use!
The peel is the tool that allows you to easily remove the topped pizza disc from the work surface and put it into the oven, safely and quickly.
The shovel is made of anodized aluminum: resistant, sliding and, above all, sanitizable, unlike the wood sometimes used for household tools.
Available in the two most requested sizes, 30 or 33 cm in diameter and 25 cm handle; perfect combination for standard home ovens.


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It's time to bake, here is the stainless steel baking plate.
The plate should be placed in the center or on the highest level of your oven, set at the maximum temperature. When the oven has reached the temperature it means that the plate is ready to bake your pizza with results comparable to a professional wood oven!
The excellent thermal conductivity of the steel, up to 10 times higher than common refractory stones, allows rapid heating of the plate and optimal and uniform baking of the pizza.
The size of the plate 40x35 cm by 4 mm thick is perfect for use in the common home electric ovens.
Stainless steel is an indestructible material, resistant to impact and thermal shock, easily sanitizable: cleaning and maintenance are particularly easy and it is dishwasher safe.

gimetal_baking steel

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Finally your pizza is ready, all you have to do is take it out of the oven and serve it to guests on the beautiful "Petalo" tray, cutting it into perfect slices with the large and sharp 10cm professional wheel.
The pizza tray of the Amica line, with an exclusive design, is perfect for serving and cutting pizza into 6 equal parts. It has a hexagonal shape and petal-shaped edges: just insert the wheel between one petal and the other to obtain a continuous and regular cut.
It is perfect for pizzas up to 33cm in diameter.
The handles are integrated for easy transport and for convenient storage in the kitchen drawers.
The tray is embellished with the lasered logo "Amica by Gi.Metal" which makes it unique.
Resistant and easily hand washable, it is made of aluminum.

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For the cut we suggest one of our best sellers, the professional wheel with 10 cm stainless steel blade and blue ergonomic plastic handle.

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The peel, the tray and the wheel are the 3 tools contained in the kit "A CASA MIA", the complete kit for making a tasty and excellent pizza in your home oven, like the one you eat in a pizzeria!
An excellent gift idea for the Christmas time.
What are you waiting for?

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kit A Casa Mia