Do you offer delivery service? You need Redbox!

Gi.Metal CEO Marco D'Annibale, explains the origin of the Redbox project: why it was born, what it is today, and what it is destined to become. Redbox is the the innovative read all

World Pizza Championship 2022: Gi.Metal, the right teammate!

After two years of halt due to the Covid emergency, the exhibition centre Palaverdi in Parma will open its doors for the 29th edition of the World Pizza Championship, to a host of read all

Gi.Metal at Parizza, Paris 2022

Gi.Metal is ready to experience the 11th edition of Parizza, Gi.Metal will welcome visitors to introduce the latest novelties. The stand coordinates are: PAV/HALL 7.1-STAND N.G54 read all

Vera Pizza Contest: the world championship of homemade pizza

AVPN starts the third edition of the "Vera Pizza Contest", the #pizzafattaincasa World Championship of which Gi.Metal is pleased to be among the official sponsors again. The  read all


Gi.Metal looks forward to seeing you at the fair in Rimini, from 12 to 16 March, at the 43rd International Trade Show of Artisan Gelato, Pastry, Bakery and the Coffee World. No read all

Turning 35 and it does not seem like it!

With great pleasure we are here to share with you a message from Marco D'Annibale, GI.METAL Founder & C.E.O: "With the arrival of this umpteenth, complicated beginning of the read all

Vera Pizza Day: let's celebrate Neapolitan pizza in the world!

Monday 17 January, on the feast of Sant’Antuono, AVPN organizes a 24-hour live streaming marathon on Facebook and Instagram from Naples to Naples in a path of 22 masterclasses, in read all

Perforated tray - cutting board The multipurpose product that revolutionises how you serve

It’s a tray. It’s a cutting board. It’s much more: it’s an instrument that changes the quality of the product you serve, leaving the taste of the pizza/focaccia unchanged. Pizza read all

Pizza World Sharing: share your passion!

Pizza World Sharing, the online event for pizza professionals worldwide, starting April 20th on the website  Pizza World Sharing is not a read all

Vera Pizza Contest: the homemade pizza lovers challenge!

  Verace Pizza Napoletana Association launches, starting from 25 February, the 2nd edition of the "verapizzacontest", a home challenge open to everyone, with professional read all