Perforated tray - cutting board The multipurpose product that revolutionises how you serve

It’s a tray. It’s a cutting board. It’s much more: it’s an instrument that changes the quality of the product you serve, leaving the taste of the pizza/focaccia unchanged. Pizza read all

Pizza World Sharing: share your passion!

Pizza World Sharing, the online event for pizza professionals worldwide, starting April 20th on the website  Pizza World Sharing is not a read all

Vera Pizza Contest: the homemade pizza lovers challenge!

  Verace Pizza Napoletana Association launches, starting from 25 February, the 2nd edition of the "verapizzacontest", a home challenge open to everyone, with professional read all

Vera Pizza Day, Sunday 17 January 2021

VERACE NEAPOLITAN PIZZA GOES AROUND THE WORLD IN A FACEBOOK LIVE STREAMING SIGNED BY AVPNGi.Metal will be alongside the pizza makers as a technical sponsor. 13 countries involved read all

"A Casa Mia" pizza as good as the one make by the pizza masters

The news, for lovers of homemade pizza, never end! Strengthened by its experience in the production of professional tools for making pizza, Gi.Metal responds to the requests of read all

Protective panels: Gi.Metal's proposal to avoid social distancing into restaurants in total safety

Protective panels: Gi.Metal's proposal to avoid social distancing into restaurants in total safety Gi.Metal is well aware that the world of food service is sharing and read all

Tripizza: The complete kit by Gi.Metal for making pizza at home!

Gi.Metal, over 30 years symbol of the Made in Italy excellence for the manufacturing of professional pizza tools, has a news for homemade pizza lovers! The homemade pizza has now read all

Gi.Metal's new sanitizing gel column

To meet new hygiene needs, Gi.Metal launches the new hand sanitizer gel column on the market.   The emergency of the last few months has put everyone in front of new needs and read all

Home-made neapolitan pizza with Gi.Metal: the recipe by Davide Civitiello

Pizza is the favorite dish of Italians, and it’s the queen of all tables around the world. Pizza makes you happy, it is a symbol of sharing and it is good to taste it everywhere read all

The necessary change that will lead to the birth of new opportunities: an exchange of views with Gi.Metal

The last few months have been a crescendo of unexpected changes, dictated by the Covid19 diffusion: the worsening of the health situation, the closure to the public has become an read all