The Gi.Metal pizza products

Quality,  passion  and  innovation  are  the  values  driving  the Choices of Gi.Metal.

The study and analysis of the needs of the end consumers, the constant search for innovative materials and the high quality of the services offered: these principles are well known and appreciated  by  pizza  maker,  blue  handle  pizza  peels,  tools which are now indispensable in pizzerias around the world.

Over thirty years of experience have allowed us to refine the characteristics  of  the  products  we  realise,  but  we  keep  on looking forward exploring new solutions. The  constant  search  of  innovative  materials,  attention  and investment  of  resources  for  the  achievement  of  more  and more refined processing techniques, allow gradual and continuous improvement of the products, reaching the excellence Gi.Metal is proud of.



Gi.Metal offers a wide range of peels for sliding pizzas into the oven and small peels for taking them out. It is the first company to have designed and developed perforated pizza peels, which allow you to remove the excess flour before baking the pizza.

Gi.Metal has developed nine different production lines, each with specific characteristics.

Carbon Line

A technological material such as carbon meets aluminium giving the tool, lightness, nobility and emotion through the use of a high-tech material with an inexpensive finish.

Gold Line 

A highly innovative protection and reinforcement of the peel, Gi.Metal exclusive special anodisation makes the surface of the peel extremely resistant to heat, corrosion, scratches and wear with unparalleled smoothness and high antibacterial and antimould capacity.

Evoluzione Line

Evoluzione is enriched with the new characteristics of flexibility and lightness of the Azzurra line with a new perforation, combined with a particularly refined design. The new arrangement of the holes increases the performance in terms of smoothness and draining
of the flour, while the new aesthetic details offer style and elegance. The S.H.A. treatment (Special Hard Anodizing) gives maximum performance in terms of heat resistance, smoothness and durability.

Azzurra Line

A complete line that is characterised by lightness, extreme strength and flexibility, the assortment is wide and able to satisfy any need of the professional pizza maker: rectangular, round and board by the meter, solid, perforated and embossed surfaces, heads made of various materials, handles of different lengths, for different types of ovens.

Napoletana Line

A line designed to meet the needs of pizza makers who make pizza in the Neapolitan style, so in ovens at very high temperatures and at the maximum frequency of use. Enhanced material, special circular holes and laser engraving make the tools unique.

Gluten Free Line

A line dedicated to pizza makers who make gluten-free pizza, maintaining the characteristics of the blue line but distinguishing it with the green colour and identifying logo. Exclusive use, differentiated tools that are instantly recognisable within the working environment.

Alice Line

A classic line that focuses on the more traditional concept of the pizza peel: the shape is unique, rectangular with very wide angles, perfect round/rectangular synthesis, the structure is rigid, the handle and head are thicker.

Amica Line

A line designed for the private user who uses their pizza cooker occasionally and looks for a quality, lightweight and handy tool.

Vintage Line

A line designed for the tradition-based professional and a way to make pizza that requires a specific hand technique. 



In addition to the pizza peels, Gi.Metal also produces professional equipment necessary for the pizza chef: from the preparation of the dough to cooking, from cutting to serving, from delivery and transport to the cleaning and management of the oven.



Gi. Metal produces professional trolleys for restaurants, hotels, canteens, pizzerias and confectioners. Products that aim to offer functionality, strength, lightness, comfort, efficiency and durability. To do this, Gi.Metal uses the best materials among which steel predominates, strictly stainless and of European origin, which is nickel-free to avoid problems in case of allergies.



Consult and download the current Gi.Metal Catalogue where you can discover more about the characteristics of our products: from the materials to the prices.